"Choose Your Resolution, Decide Your Performance Target, and Let Us Deliver Dyno Tuned Results"

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Stage 1 - 1080p Experience

Stage 2 - 1440p Experience

Stage 3 - 4K Experience

Base Tune - OEM

All Builds

  • 📊STAGE 1,2,3

    The various builds we offer are categorized into Stages according to their intended gaming resolution:

    OEM - 1080p
    Stage 1 - 1080p
    Stage 2 - 1440p
    Stage 3 - 4K

  • 🚀 BOOST

    These builds are Subcategorized according to their expected average performance in the target resolution:

    Base Tune - 30 FPS
    Low Boost - 60 FPS
    Medium Boost - 100 FPS
    High Boost - 144 FPS


    Sleeper builds Appear like standard computers but are equipped for gaming. We've taken the time to ensure they meet what we consider an exceptional experience at an amazing price!

    Pro tip: Your friends on Discord won't know the difference!